Long Dogs of Hobart 2015

Greetings Fellow Dachshund Enthusiasts,

2015 has been a very busy year for the admins and members of The Long Dogs of Hobart group, we continues to meet fortnightly at dog walking areas in Hobart and surrounding suburbs.  

We are approaching our 2nd birthday and now have nearly 350 members on our Facebook page.  It is amazing to think that It all started on a blustery July day with just 5 dogs and their humans quickly growing into a wonderful, generous and kind community.  

We love to meet new members and welcome you along.  We are often asked if people can come to our walks to meet and learn about Dachshunds before deciding on a puppy – absolutely! We love to share our stories and introduce our dogs to future Dachshund Parents. 

You may have noticed that our website has been fairly quiet – This will hopefully change over the coming weeks but in the mean time, please request to become a member on our Facebook page.  It is updated frequently by both admin and our wonderful members – please head over to the side bar, click the link and request to join. If you aren’t on Facebook,  send us an email to request a calendar. Two months of walk dates can be found on the side bar. 

We have had a number of events and walks since December and included in this post are some photos of our wonderful members and their long friends. 

Until next time, 
Stay long my friends!

Images from our Christmas Party, Suncoast Park and end-of-daylight savings evening walks.

Christmas Party, Mt Nelson Oval


Gustav at Christmas Party


Winners of the Fancy Dress


Claire with Lola and Maisy


Tracy with Buddy, Claire with Gustav and Tegan with Alfie and Willow

Some Photos from the End of Daylight Savings evening walk

IMG_6523 IMG_6532 IMG_6538 IMG_6549 IMG_6575 IMG_6601 IMG_6580

Some photos from the Suncoast Park walk 

IMG_6239 IMG_6244 IMG_6236 IMG_6233


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