Walking calendar for the rest of 2015!

Hello Long Doggers and our website followers!
We had a wonderful 2nd Birthday BBQ on Sunday 9th August at Pembroke Dog Park at Sorell. We raised a wonderful donation for Dachshund IVDD Support Australia and a sum towards the small costs that occurs for running the group.

Stay tuned for a big photo post and write up on the day coming this weekend!

Here is the calendar for walks until Christmas time.

Sunday 20th September – 2pm Blackman’s Bay fenced area ‘Suncoast Park’

Sunday 4th October – 2pm 7 Mile Beach off lead area

Sunday 18th October – 2pm Shag Bay Track, Lindisfarne (on lead)

Sunday 1st November – 2pm South Arm Beach (RSL End)

Sunday 15th November – 2pm Claire Street Oval, North Hobart

Sunday 29th November – 7pm Evening Walk Soundy’s Park.

Sunday 13th December Christmas BBQ

Please head over to our Facebook page and request to join for further information and lots of interesting, friendly (and many funny) posts.

Stay low!

Gustav, Buddy, Willow and Alfie

(and their humans)

Left - right: Claire, Tegan and Tracy (the group's admins) cut the cake!

Left – right: Claire, Tegan and Tracy (the group’s admins) cut the cake!


Long Dogs of Hobart on ABC Local Radio

Claire will be speaking with Mel Tait on 936 ABC Local Radio this evening at 7.20 – if you have found our page via this on-air segment welcome!!

Please head over to our Facebook page (link in side bar) or search in Facebook ‘search bar’ for Long Dogs of Hobart and request to join or if you don’t have Facebook and would like to attend our walks and receive our calendars please send us an email to longdogsofhobart@hotmail.com

Our Birthday Sausage Sizzle is this Sunday 9th of August – come along for a $2 sausage and help us raise a donation to send to Dachshund IVDD Support Australia who help with education, awareness and support about this debilitating, common illness in our long friends.  It is at the Sorell Fenced Dog Park 12.30-2 – there will also be a raffle and spot prizes – you don’t need to own a dach, just come along and admire!

LDoH Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Cake

Hope to see some new long friends and their humans along to a walk soon!

Guest Author – Training Basics

Thank you to our group member Joanne Halliwell for her contribution to our website.  Enjoy!


By Joanne Halliwell (Cert IV Animal Care Services, Cert IV Training & Assessment)

For training to be successful, we need to:

  • Set our dogs up to succeed – be trainers, rather than reactors. 
  • Recognise and relieve stress in our dogs – a stressed dog can’t learn anything except to be more anxious about the situation and lose faith in us. 

A stressed dog will show some or all of these signs:

  • Vocalization (growling, frantic barking or whining)
  • Refusal to accept food
  • Excessive or frantic activity level
  • Fight reaction
  • Flight reaction
  • Yawning
  • Licking of lips
  • Tense body
  • Dilated pupils
  • White rim on eyes
  • Drooling/salivating
  • Excessive panting
  • Freeze in position

Ways to relieve stress in your dog:

    • Bug out! – move away from the stressor.
    • Start a desensitisation program to help your dog get used to things he doesn’t like or is scared of.
    • Protect your dog from situations he is not ready to cope with.
  • Distract your dog and keep his mind working so that he doesn’t focus on the stressor (the scary thing). 
  • Use rewards that our dog will work for – be the controller of what the dog wants. 

Rewards that work:

A reward is only a reward if your dog wants it, not because you say it is. If your dog is not willing to work for what you are offering, then you need to think about why:

  • Is he already getting a bowl of food every day for nothing?  
  • Does he not really like being patted? (Most dogs do not like being manhandled, let alone find it rewarding!)
  • Is he too stressed in this situation? (Too many other dogs, thirsty, needs to toilet, confused…)
  • Train in an area with minimal distractions at first and gradually increase the level of difficulty to give our dogs a chance to become ‘fluent’ with their behaviours before we challenge them. 
  • Never use punishment – it inhibits learning, causes stress and avoidance behaviours, jeopardises our dog’s trust in us. 
  • When most of your interactions with your dog involve punishment, you usually end up with a dog that is wary of you and reluctant to come when called.



This is probably the most useful training site you will find. There are some great free downloads, in particular the booklet “After you get your puppy”, which you will find in the free downloads section, along with stacks of great training articles.


From today's walk at Suncoast Park, Blackmans Bay. Photo curtesy of Smeegle Weegle's Mum.

From today’s walk at Suncoast Park, Blackmans Bay. Photo curtesy of Smeegle Weegle’s Mum.

Long Dogs of Hobart 2015

Greetings Fellow Dachshund Enthusiasts,

2015 has been a very busy year for the admins and members of The Long Dogs of Hobart group, we continues to meet fortnightly at dog walking areas in Hobart and surrounding suburbs.  

We are approaching our 2nd birthday and now have nearly 350 members on our Facebook page.  It is amazing to think that It all started on a blustery July day with just 5 dogs and their humans quickly growing into a wonderful, generous and kind community.  

We love to meet new members and welcome you along.  We are often asked if people can come to our walks to meet and learn about Dachshunds before deciding on a puppy – absolutely! We love to share our stories and introduce our dogs to future Dachshund Parents. 

You may have noticed that our website has been fairly quiet – This will hopefully change over the coming weeks but in the mean time, please request to become a member on our Facebook page.  It is updated frequently by both admin and our wonderful members – please head over to the side bar, click the link and request to join. If you aren’t on Facebook,  send us an email to request a calendar. Two months of walk dates can be found on the side bar. 

We have had a number of events and walks since December and included in this post are some photos of our wonderful members and their long friends. 

Until next time, 
Stay long my friends!

Images from our Christmas Party, Suncoast Park and end-of-daylight savings evening walks.

Christmas Party, Mt Nelson Oval


Gustav at Christmas Party


Winners of the Fancy Dress


Claire with Lola and Maisy


Tracy with Buddy, Claire with Gustav and Tegan with Alfie and Willow

Some Photos from the End of Daylight Savings evening walk

IMG_6523 IMG_6532 IMG_6538 IMG_6549 IMG_6575 IMG_6601 IMG_6580

Some photos from the Suncoast Park walk 

IMG_6239 IMG_6244 IMG_6236 IMG_6233

Welcome to Long Dogs of Hobart

Tegan, Tracy and I are working hard to bring you an interesting, fun and informative blog on the activities of the Long Dogs of Hobart group.

This Sunday 14th of December, is our Christmas BBQ.
This will celebrate an amazing 2014 for the group which has included our first birthday, the Million Paws Walk, two appearances in The Mercury (our local newspaper) and a segment on Win Television Nightly News.  

We will be taking a short walking break over Christmas and will commence our fortnightly group walks on the 11th January 2015. 

Head over to our Facebook page (link in side bar) and join our online community.

Check back next week to hear the announcement for a HUGE event coming in early 2015!

Until then, stay long & low,

Gustav (long man), Badger (scruffy man) & Claire

Gustav & Badger

Gustav & Badger